Mount Pearl – Smallwood Drive

58 Smallwood Drive, Mount Pearl NL, A1N 1B1

(709) 747-5494

Programs Offered:

Opened in May of 2002 in the Parish of the Ascension Rectory on Smallwood Drive in Mount Pearl, this centre is licensed for children aged 2-6 and offers Toddler and Pre-School programming. The outside play-yard is one of this location's greatest features, boasting 12,000 sq. ft. of wonderful fenced area for safe play opportunities.

Age Ranges: 24-69 months (3-6)
Total Capacity: 44 children
Total Playrooms: 3
Total Child Care Staff: 6
Administrator: Roberta Maher, ECE

Paradise – Hummingbird Street

2 Hummingbird Street, Paradise NL, A1L 2P8

(709) 237-7447

Programs Offered:

Our newest state of the art facility is now open in Atlantic Canada's fastest-growing municipality – Paradise. From this location we offer Toddler and Pre-School.

Total Capacity: 57 children
Total Playrooms: 4
Total Child Care Staff: 9
Administrator: Karen Barrett, ECE

Paradise – Hummingbird Street, After School Program

2 Hummingbird Street, Paradise NL, A1L 2P8

(709) 747-5434

Programs Offered:

Ages 5-12 (57-144 months)
This After School / Kindercare centre is located on the lower floor of our facility at 2 Hummingbird Drive. We accommodate school aged children (5 to 12 years).

Capacity: 42
Child care staff: 3
Playrooms: 2
Administrator: Lori Hoffe, ECE

St. John’s – Howley Estates

4 Rumboldt Place, St. John's, NL

(709) 722-6794

Programs Offered:

Located on a quiet cul-de-sac in a newer residential neighbourhood, our Howley Estates location boasts a large play space in an area close to everything; walking distance to school playgrounds, a duck pond, and a neighbourhood pet pig that will sometimes stop by for a visit!
At this location we offer care to children from 18 to 69 months (Toddler and Pre-School).

Total Capacity: 55 children
Total Playrooms: 6
Total Child Care Staff: 9
Administrator: Sheffia Samuelson, BA, ECE

St. John’s – Campbell Ave. (Dr. A.T. Brace Children’s Centre)

170 Campbell Avenue, St. John's NL, A1E 2Z9

(709) 739-5866

Programs Offered:

The lower floor of our facility on Mundy Pond Road is accessed via Campbell Avenue. Opened in 2002, The Dr. A.T. Brace Children's Centre is an exclusive School-Age program for children from Kindergarten to Grade 5. The School-Age facility is licensed for 30 children and welcomes children and families from any area of the city. Walking escorts are provided to schools in the neighbouring community. Alternatively, parents may provide their own transportation.

Age Range: 5-12 years
Total Capacity: 30 children
Total Playrooms: 1
Total Child Care Staff: 3
Administrator: Dana Pynn, ECE
Child-Staff Ratio: 59-84 Months – 12:1; 85-144 Months – 15:1

St. John’s – Campbell Ave. (Dr. A.T. Brace Infant Centre)

170 Campbell Avenue, St. John's NL, A1E 2Z9

(709) 739-5866 or (709) 726-5496

Programs Offered:

The Dr. A.T. Brace Infant Centre – established in 2002 – was the first facility licensed for infants (birth-24 months) in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The centre is a 1,200 sq. ft. self-contained area specifically designed for the safety and comfort of this age group. Featuring two fully-serviced spaces, the infant areas include a rest room, play room, and change area. Staff are carefully selected and trained specifically in the care of infants and their development.

Age Range: Birth-24 months (0-2 years)
Number of Spaces: 12
Number of Playrooms: 2
Child-Staff Ratio: 3:1 Infant
Child Care Staff: 4
Administrator: Katelyn Tobin (ECE)

St. John’s – Cowan Avenue

111 Cowan Avenue, St. John's NL, A1E 4W4

(709) 747-6701

Programs Offered:

Located in the West End neighbourhood of Cowan Heights, this facility is conveniently situated directly on the grounds of St. Matthew's Elementary and is adjacent to neighbouring Cowan Heights Elementary. Twenty years of child care experience has been incorporated into this modern facility's layout and design. This centre offers programs from Toddler to School Age, each with its own unique layout. Kindercare children attending St. Matthew's or Cowan Height's Elementary need not worry about transportation to the facility, as childcare staff will greet the children at their classrooms and escort them to the centre – only a short walk across the parking lot.

School-age children exiting LPW at Cowan and between the ages of age 84 -144 months are given first priority at our feeder After School program located in Cowan Heights United Church on Frecker Drive.

Total Capacity: 60 children
Total Playrooms: 5
Total Child Care Staff: 8
Administrator: Rose Fagan BA (ECE)

St. John’s – Cowan Heights After School

Cowan Heights United Church, 141 Frecker Drive, St. John's, A1E 4W1

(709) 743-1184

Programs Offered:

Ages 6-12 (72-144 months)
Operated out of the Cowan Heights United Church, this After School program is within walking distance of St. Matthews and Cowan Heights Elementary. A walking escort is provided for children from these schools attending our program.

Total Capacity: 30 children
Total Child Care Staff: 2
Administrator: Megan Barnes

St. John’s – Mundy Pond Road

25 Mundy Pond Road, St. John's NL, A1E 5C3

(709) 739-5496

Programs Offered:

The Mundy Pond Road facility offers part-time and full-time programs for children from 18-60 months of age in a state-of-the-art 8,000 sq. ft. facility, designed specifically for children. Active in the in this neighbourhood for 30 years, LPW originally operated from a nearby property. Our relationship with the community of Mundy Pond has been an integral link in our evolving philosophy of interconnectedness and strength. This location has strived to maintain a character unique to the neighbourhood - a family-centric community nestled around Mundy Pond where generations continue to build lives and families in this small parcel of the city. The relationship of family is quite important in this community - a sense of connectedness is evident as one strolls the streets.

Children attending Little People's Workshop on Mundy Pond Road often reside within the area and attend or will attend the neighbouring schools of St. Theresa's Elementary, or Bishop Abraham Elementary. In addition, we welcome families from other areas of the city.

Total Capacity: 60 children
Age Range: 18 months -5 years
Total Playrooms: 5 + 1 gross motor play area + 3 outside play yards
Total Child Care Staff: 11
Administrator: Amanda Ryan ( ECE)

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